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WUPX will be celebrating its 40th year as a student organization on the NMU campus in 2010. We began as WBKX, broadcasting, at first as an AM outlet in 1970 and later as a cable-only station. After years of hard work and savings by the students of NMU, WBKX successfully became an over-the-air station at 91.5 on the FM dial in September of 1993. During the process of applying for our license, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) informed us that we would no longer be able to identify ourselves as WBKX, and, as a result, we changed our station call letters to WUPX.

Since the very first day of airing, WUPX has been an active organization contributing to the quality of life on the NMU campus (and off campus). Our core activity has been to provide both entertainment and information for the campus and the surrounding community. In doing this, we have regularly programmed live DJ-style shows. Our DJ staff is made up of approximately 100 students each semester.

WUPX has also contributed to on/off campus life in other ways. We have hosted a number of concert events and benefits. In programming the station, we regularly offer prize giveaways and swag to our listeners. We have hosted campus discussion and call-in shows to talk about various issues, and arranged local media conferences with panels, discussions, and workshops open to all NMU students.

WUPX is on the air twelve months out of the year, and we are pleased to report that our staff and volunteers have made it possible to operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week throughout the school term. The number of students involved at the radio station, and the length of our commitment during the year, contributes to our belief that we are the most active volunteer organization on the NMU campus.

WUPX has gone through such taglines as "Not your average college radio station" and "Variety at your fingertips." In the Fall of 2008, WUPX decided to revamp the tagline to "The Pulse of the U.P." WUPX is also in the final stages of having an automation system which guarantees 24/7 broadcasting, especially over long winter and summer breaks.

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